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The People Behind Our Process

“To scale brands effectively, having a strong team with not only e-commerce but Amazon-specific experience is just as important as building lasting relationships with suppliers."
Raunak Nirmal
CEO and
“Our proprietary technology, data, and algorithms are critical to finding, evaluating, and scaling brands. We weigh a seller’s goals and approach to leadership as much as the bottom line.”
Jerel Ho
CSO and
"As brand operators ourselves, we’ve seen first hand the risks involved and challenges in growing a business in this space, from supply chain issues, safety stock planning, and last mile delivery."
Wiley Zhang
COO and
"We give our brands life beyond having the best-selling product in an Amazon category. We make our brands household names known for innovation and a customer-first mindset."
Christine Cui
VP of Brand Management
“Data and analytics are at the core of our success. The insights and solutions we develop enable us to enhance our operations, from the acquisition process to brand management.”
Paul Li
Chief Data

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