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Acquco has a lofty goal to achieve: World domination. More specifically, building the largest, most lucrative brands in the world. You want in?

We’re looking for the dreamers, the builders, the problem solvers—and bonus points if you have a slightly questionable obsession with all things e-commerce. We’re growing incredibly fast since we raised our initial $160M in series A funding, and it’s going to take the best across brand management, finance, product, sales, engineering, and more to build something great together. 

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A group image of happy Acquco employees in New York

What it's Like to Work at Acquco

Acquco Employee, Growth Strategy Analyst

“Acquco is a dynamic and fast-paced organization. Not only does my team use advanced data platforms to tackle real-world problems, we simultaneously actualize these very data features. To see our work used to accelerate the business is rewarding, inspirational, and exciting.”

Paul L. Ph.D.

VP Data & Analytics
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Acquco Employee, Head of Sales

“Acquco is a place where no matter your expertise, tenure, or title you can make a direct impact and be responsible for the company's success.”

Jake W.

Head of Sales
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Acquco Employee, Growth Strategy Analyst

“I love our open door culture. Our entire Executive Team is very hands on for training, strategy, and even execution. Our founders' background of owning and operating Amazon businesses is what drew me to Acquco, but their willingness to actively teach us the playbook they've learned has been invaluable.”

Christine C.

Vice President Brand Management  
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Acquco Employee, Growth Strategy Analyst

“What I admire most about Acquco is the collaboration and interplay with each team. Everyone is so talented and puts their best foot forward, which makes my job much more rewarding as a People Leader.”

Anthony K.

Head of People
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Acquco Employee, Growth Strategy Analyst

"Acquco has a great company culture with people that are very easy-going, smart, and driven to get things done. Being at Acquco is very exciting because I am able to directly impact the growth of the company."

Ajar R.

Growth Strategy Analyst
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Our Benefits

We take care of you. Employee benefits start on day 1 and include:

Multiple affordable health insurance options

Dental and vision insurance

Parental leave

401k plan (Roth and pre-tax)

Generous paid time off 

Flexible spending

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Two Acquco employees at a sell my FBA business conference

Core Values

Here at Acquco, we care about building a community where our team members are inspired, supported, and motivated to create meaningful impact within our organization.

Equal Impact and Inclusiveness
We work to ensure that all team members feel valued, and are provided with the opportunity to contribute to our team’s success (no matter your title or tenure).

Creative Problem Solving
We encourage our team members to think outside of the box, ask for help, and ensure they have the necessary resources to propose the solutions that will push our organization forward.

Initiative Taking
Here at Acquco, our employees are empowered to demonstrate a high level of ownership and accountability through the proposing of independent, creative solutions.

Respect and Teamwork
Respect is a core tenant of our company culture. We value collaboration, support, and encouragement within and across team functions.

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