Acquco Generates More than $420M in Revenue

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NEW YORK — February 2, 2022 — Acquco, one of the fastest-growing aggregators on Amazon, generated more than $420 million in revenue last year, 60% higher than the company’s initial revenue goal. The company has acquired more brands and grown its team to 155 employees globally and is showing no signs of slowing down. Founded in 2020 by ex-Amazonians, Raunak Nirmal and Wiley Zhang, along with investment expert Jerel Ho, the company raised $160M in Series A funding in 2021.

Acquco acquires top Amazon brands and takes them to the next level. The company turns brands into true omnichannel businesses. Using its proprietary technology, Acquco reviews 120-125 criteria points for Amazon sellers to determine whether they are the right fit for acquisition.

With its versatile deal structures, Acquco helps sellers to find the deal structure that’s right for their specific business, including unique profit participation and/or equity structures. With the company’s commitment to transparency, sellers benefit from no surprises or renegotiations so they can exit their businesses in record time. And, by utilizing Acquco’s broad Amazon expertise, sellers can also earn enormous payouts as the brand is scaled post-acquisition.

“Acquco is on an amazing growth trajectory and our 2022 outlook is extremely positive,” said Raunak Nirmal, co-founder and CEO of Acquco. “Our vision is to build the largest portfolio of next-generation, ecommerce brands in the world. In 2021 alone, we hyperscaled from $16M to $420M of revenue, and from seven to 125+ employees. We remain tightly focused on building relationships with top Amazon sellers, growing our brands organically, and leveraging our technology platform across the entire organization.”

In 2021, Acquco saw more than $90 million in EBITDA, overshooting its goal by 40% and a more than 2,000% increase YoY from 2020. Over the holiday season, Acquco’s top brands had 150% YoY growth and 60% YoY growth overall.

Read more about Acquco's growth by downloading the Brand Growth Story.

About Acquco

Acquco acquires and accelerates top Amazon brands. Acquco uses a highly measured approach to identify and evaluate each brand and scale it globally using proprietary technology and operating expertise. With in-depth due diligence, flexible deal structures, and a commitment to transparency, sellers can exit their businesses quickly and earn substantial payouts. Acquco’s unmatched Amazon operator expertise assures sellers that their businesses will see substantial brand growth post-acquisition. Acquco is headquartered in NYC. For more information, please visit

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