Crossbeam Venture Partners Raises $70 Million For Fund II In Three Weeks

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It takes money to make money: an old adage that still rings true today for the vast majority of startups. For the venture capitalist, it’s a matter of betting on the businesses that have the best possible chance of providing a decent return, which is easier said than done.

To understand more about the nuances of investing at a time that is arguably more risky than ever, Forbes’ Rebecca Szkutak sat down with Ali Hamed of Crossbeam Venture Partners. “Fund Is are always really hard and scary because it really takes a long time to see if things are working. But we were in the right place at the right time and we did a good job of backing companies that hit product market fit really fast.”

One of those companies he’s referring to of course is Acquco, which the firm backed for a series A round of funding.

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