Notes from our Founder: How to Sell Your Amazon Business

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January 13, 2021

There’s an art to the sale, or so the saying goes.

At Acquco, we are in the business of acquiring Amazon businesses, and taking them through the process from evaluation through to cash payout.

If your business is generating above $1M in sales, you may be in a good place to think about selling your business. At this point, you might be hitting very natural growth ceilings, where you’re limited by working capital or commitments to purchase inventory in a shaky market. That’s where we come in. We have deep knowledge of the Amazon marketplace, having worked both inside as Amazonians and externally as sellers ourselves. We have institutional supply chain practices, planning, and access to capital to alleviate all of those natural limitations that we see time and again from sellers just like you.

We often hear from our customers that before they came to us, the process felt so overwhelming and opaque. That’s the antithesis to how we operate, and so we’re taking you through the process step-by-step in this article. A process, by the way, that can take under 30 days from start-to-finish with our expert and institutionally-backed team.

Step One: Get Your Business Evaluated

The first step of the process is getting a free evaluation from our team. We look for private label Amazon FBA businesses that have developed a strong brand, good search positioning, and have a positive historical growth. That sets the foundation for our team. For more information on tips to grow your Amazon business, be sure to check our article here.

We are laser-focused on ways that we can help your brand not only continue to sustain, but grow. Like we mentioned, we want you to move beyond any growth plateaus you’ve hit because of resourcing, and we know just how to do that and help foster this business you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into.

Step Two: Choose the Right Company

We don’t want to assume that you’re going to go with us at Acquco, but we think you should. We are founded by seasoned Amazon veterans that have handled multimillion dollar mergers and acquisitions across industries, consulted for some of the largest Amazon businesses in the world, and have worked internally at the company. We’re focused on helping you grow your business even after the sale, with our expert teams that can work at scale across brands. We believe that the company you sell to should be (1) devoted to the success of your business, (2) invigorated by what you have built, and (3) have the vision and track record to take your brand to the next level. We also happen to believe that we are that buyer.

Step Three: Accept an Offer

So you’re ready to accept an offer. Assuming you go with us here at Acquco, the process starts swiftly. We have a due diligence playbook that is quick, easy, and painless. Take it from our customer Ultra Clarity Cables: “The entire process was seamless and efficient. From the beginning they were very professional and had a structured process with clear timelines. The best part was I got an amazing deal, better than what other firms offered me.” We leverage existing financial systems where they make sense and for your ease of use, combined with our own proprietary systems for where we need bespoke efforts to build your financial statement — and we can do all of this in less than a month.

Step Four: Reap the Benefits

You’ve done the legwork of building a great business, now it’s time for you to cash out and enjoy some rest and relaxation, or even start to build your next great business idea. As our friends at Ultra Clarity Cables can attest: “Shortly before COVID hit, I was able to do some traveling with my family with all that extra money. The cash came fast too so I was able to start my next business right away!”

Ready to Start?

Get your free evaluation from our institutionally-backed, seasoned team here, and start the process of getting acquired with us at Acquco.

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